Vend Loyalty Cards - Custom Glossy

$589.00 USD

Upload any logos, or art files you'd like on your cards
Please let us know if there's anything specific you want on your cards. Standard information would be store name, address, phone, website. You may also let us know what kind of colors you'd like, or if you want to use a disclaimer for the back of the cards.

Fully Printed and Coded for Vend POS Software

The biggest trend in retail is loyalty cards.  Getting your clients back in the door is so much less expensive than finding new ones.  Isn't it time you reward your clients, and keep them coming back? 

  • Includes Free Design Service
  • Includes Barcoding for Vend Loyalty Cards**

After purchase our team will contact you to start your free complimentary design or get a design you have created. Cards are shipped 5-7 days from approval of proof. 

*Custom and premium card options are available. If you have questions, please email us at

**Barcode numbering will be sequential unless otherwise noted.  If you need the numbers to be randomized, or non-sequential, for online redemption, you will need to send us a file.  Otherwise, we will by default, print them sequential.

Plastic Card Orders must have artwork approved within 7 days of the order, otherwise your payment will be refunded.  Please let us know immediately if this is a problem.

All Plastic Printers Orders ship from within the United States, and are priced in US Dollars. Please keep this in mind when ordering internationally.

Plastic Printers also does not pay duties or taxes on any cards shipped outside the United States.  If you have questions about this, please call before you order cards.

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